Sridevi Sarma co-edits book, Dynamic Neuroscience: Statistics, Modeling, and Control

sri-pierre-bookSridevi Sarma, Associate Director of the Institute for Computational Medicine, is the co-editor of a newly published book titled, Dynamic Neuroscience: Statistics, Modeling, and Control that sheds new light on the field of neuroscience. The book, co-edited with Zhe Chen, Assistant Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Neuroscience and Physiology at New York University School of Medicine, capitalizes on the knowledge and experience of experts in the field of neuroscience by presenting recent advances in computational research methods and discussing important research issues in neural data analysis.

Dynamic Neuroscience: Statistics, Modeling, and Control takes an interdisciplinary approach with chapters written by computational and experimental researchers as well as those at the interface. The chapter titled, “Characterizing Complex Human Behaviors and Neural Responses Using Dynamic Models,” authored by Sarma and Pierre Sacre, Postdoctoral Fellow in Sarma’s ICM lab, proposes a framework for analyzing data and addressing challenges that arise in neuroscience experiments with human subjects.

Dynamic Neuroscience: Statistics, Modeling, and Control is published by Springer and can be found here.