Sabato Santaniello receives 2 year $150k award from National Science Foundation

Sabato Santaniello, a scientist in the lab of Dr. Sridevi Sarma, Assistant Professor at the Institute for Computational Medicine, recently received an award of $150K for 2 years from the National Science Foundation. The award, which is part of the NSF’s “Energy, Power, and Adaptive Systems” program is entitled “EAGER: Modeling Network Dynamics in the Epileptic Brain to Develop Translational Tools for Seizure Localization and Detection”. The study is a collaboration with the Epilepsy Center at JHMI.

From the Grant abstract:

“Epilepsy affects 60 million people worldwide who suffer from recurrent seizures, and 40% of patients do not respond to any drug therapy. These patients would greatly benefit from closed-loop neurostimulation therapy to suppress seizures, but the efficacy of such therapy critically depends on whether the stimulus is administered close to the seizure origin (epileptogenic zone, EZ) and immediately prior to or at seizure onset. This program develops novel computational tools for effective EZ localization and seizure onset detection from multi-channel intracranial EEG (iEEG) recordings.”

More details can be found about the award on the NSF website here.

Congratulations Sabato!