Macauley-Breault-ARCS-2018Macauley Breault has been named an ARCS Scholar for the 2018-2019 academic year. This marks the second consecutive year that Breault has been awarded an Achievement Reward for College Scientists (ARCS) Scholarship to support her research in the lab of Sridevi Sarma, associate director of the Institute for Computational Medicine and associate professor of biomedical engineering.

Breault, a PhD student in biomedical engineering, is focusing on building a brain network of non-motor regions that encode how movements are modulated using data collected from epileptic patients in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic.

Breault’s other research interest stems from personal experience. A sufferer of chronic pain, she hopes to impact research in the field by constructing a model of the dorsal horn that takes into account how treatments such as neural stimulation affect pain regulation.

ARCS Foundation provides unrestricted funding to talented, motivated American graduate and undergraduate students in science and engineering to create new knowledge and innovative technologies. ARCS scholars have been awarded more than 3600 patents and have gone on to found more than 1800 new companies.