ICM undergraduates receive Center for Educational Resources Technology Fellowship

Julia-Costacurta and Jung-Min-LeeJulia Costacurta and Jung Min Lee, sophomores in the Institute for Computational Medicine and the department of biomedical engineering, received a technology fellowship from the Center for Educational Resources for their research proposal, “An Interactive Set of Resources for Learning Control Theory.” The fellowship provides funding to support the proposed research under the direction of Sridevi Sarma, associate director of the Institute for Computational Medicine and associate professor of biomedical engineering.

The goal of the project is to create a comprehensive set of interactive resources that will help students learning control theory to understand the course material and the applications of what they are learning. Costacurta and Lee aim to expand on a previous project completed by fellow Elli Tian, which involved the development of applets to visualize real-world control theory examples.

The project also aims to develop a set of tutorials and exercises in MATLAB, so that students can become more aware of the tools available in MATLAB to implement real-world applications of control theory.

“We hope that if students take advantage of these resources, they will be able to better understand the material and possibly apply control theory concepts in their future studies and work,” said Costacurta.

The  Center for Educational Resources’ Technology Fellows Program is a mini-grant initiative that enables faculty to partner with technology savvy students to develop resources that enhance pedagogy, increase or facilitate access to course content, encourage active learning, promote critical thinking, or support student collaboration.